An adventure that began in 1850

The name of our agriturismo, Cascinetta32, refers to its location between the stone walls of an old “cascinale,” a local type of farmhouse, in the village of Sereia in the municipality of Invorio. And “32” is our house number on the little road that winds its way through the peaceful woods and lush fields, set against the backdrop of the Monte Rosa mountain range.

Cascinetta32’s history stretches far back in time, all the way to the first half of the 19th century, when it was the home of peasant farmers who lived by cultivating their own crops and raising livestock. If you want to discover the whole story, we invite you to read it.

If you’d rather discover our rooms (one purple, one blue, one orange and one green), click on the color that inspires you the most. And if our peaceful countryside and the unspoiled beauty of nature that surrounds us has sparked your curiosity, discover where to find us or contact us to book your stay.

Farm and Garden Center

Not just relaxation – also quality fruits and beautiful plants

The secret of our fruits’ excellence is all thanks to the Farm and Garden Center run by Antonella Fernez, which grew into Cascinetta32. Founded in 2003, the Center produces garden plants and small fruits.

The Farm and Garden Center specialize in acid-loving plants (azaleas, camellias, andromedas), red fruits and berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) that eventually become the star attraction of breakfast and snacks at Cascinetta32.

You can purchase our fruits and garden plants at Cascinetta32. To find out how, contact us.

“The Cascinetta used to be one of the farmhouses built in the countryside around the town of Invorio. It is located on a hillside along the road that leads to the villages of Sereia and Mescia. The central section was made up of three structures built in the early 1800s, including the living quarters, a stable and hayloft, and a pigsty with a woodshed attached…”